Plants are not created equal. If you are planning to make a garden, you have to understand the biology and psychology of plants. They grow and behaved differently, and each of them needs special care. One of the maintenance tasks you can do for you plants is pruning and trimming them regularly. A well-pruned plant will grow healthily. However, pruning is still a complicated task for beginners especially that you can’t just do it anytime. There are a lot of things you should know so you can properly prune. Follow our guide below.

The Right Pruning Tools

The number one thing you should know about pruning is that you should have the right pruning tools, whatever plants you have. Clean and sharp tools will make your job easier, and also make your plants healthier than ever. The basic tools are loppers, hand pruners, saws and shearers. Professionals of tree service and tree removal Phoenix said that having the right tools is crucial to the job.

When to Prune

Pruning at the right time is confusing and fatal. You have to do a detailed research about your plant so you would know when to prune it. The plant could die from wound if you prune at the wrong time. It will result to fewer fruits and flowers and will also harm the plant. We will give you some basic information about pruning different types of plants.

Pruning Flowering Shrubs, Trees and Vines

This group is the most confusing to prune of all the plants. One rule you should remember about pruning this group is to do when during dormant season, especially for the fall and summer flowering shrubs and trees. Prune the spring flowering plants after their flowers fade. You will be more confused if you have clematis, roses and hydrangeas because some of them flower in summer, spring or fall.

Pruning Berry Plants and Fruit Trees

You can easily remember when to prune fruit trees because the best time should be during in their dormant season. Particular care should be done because you only have one chance to set the buds for the next crop season. If you fail on pruning them, the trees will stop producing fruit. Pruning is really necessary for fruit trees because of its susceptibility to pests and diseases and the suckers that directs the fruiting branch’s energy away from them.

Pruning Evergreens, Is it Necessary?

Most gardeners don’t prune the evergreens. This is a good thing because you don’t need to prune them. If you prune them to maintain a size, you’re only going to stress the tree. If you want a smaller sized evergreen tree, just grow a dwarf evergreen instead of sizing down a big one. However if you’re maintaining a landscape, you can achieve a fuller built for the evergreen tree by doing on a perfect time. It will be laborious, so do the pruning while it’s still young.

Pruning is not easy to do, especially if you have a lot of plants in your landscape or garden. The trick is to keep a calendar and list of all the plants so you can take care of them all.