Maybe you are aware of how to clean the lint on your dryer’s filters. However, did you know that you should also clean your dryer vents? Over time, lint can develop in your dryer vents, which causes the dryer to overheat. Also, it can easily become on fire since lint is extremely combustible. That is why it is really important to clean it regularly. Here are the signs to pay attention to determine whether your dryer vents need some cleaning:

Drying your clothes takes longer than the usual

If your clothes don’t dry at the end of a usual cycle, then you will know that you should already have your clothes dryer vents cleaned. The dryer vent is intended to produce moist and hot air for your dryer to get in more dry air to carry on the drying process. However, that moist air will remain in the dryer once your vent is blocked with lint, which makes it difficult for your clothes to dry off.

Burning smell as you try to switch your dryer on

The burning odor that your dryer gives off as you run it is possibly dryer lint, which can be flammable. Once you can observe a burning smell, you should immediately halt utilizing your dryer and have it checked by the experts as soon as possible,

The dryer is extremely hot on the outside

Once the vent doesn’t properly exhaust air, your dryer becomes extremely hot to touch after a usual cycle.

You can observe lint that comes out on the opening of the vent

If you can observe lint near or surrounding the opening, there is a possibility that your vent systems should be cleaned.

You have not actually had your dryer vent cleaned more than a year

You should consider having your dryer vents cleaned and inspected every year. You can either opt to DIY dryer vent cleaning with a dryer vent cleaning kit or employ an expert to clean your dryer vents for you and to have it inspected whether any issues must be fixed right away. Reach Air Duct Cleaning Troy

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